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Tired of the status quo, sitting in traffic & rate increases? Eric Epstein is running for State Representative to fight for you.

Meet Eric

My name is Gabriela Epstein and my dad, Eric, is running for PA Legislature. Normally, this is the part where the kid says something generic like, “My dad is just the best- please vote for him!” But my dad is anything but generic, so I’m not going to say that. His brutal honesty and devotion to the greater good drive me nuts. Where normal people try once, maybe twice, to raise an issue, my dad devotes his life to it. Who does that? My childhood is filled with memories of driving with him in our busted up Buick to the state capitol, filing legal briefs, knocking on doors, speaking with journalists— all the stuff political figures do. Except my dad has done it for no pay for over 25 years. I have begged him to give it up, to take up a normal job with normal hours, but he refuses on principle. Damn his principles. I have yet to meet anyone else so irritatingly bent on helping as many people as he can. It’s a mixed blessing to have such an annoyingly good person for a dad. On one hand, I never seem to win any arguments. But on the other, I know without a doubt that he’ll always have my back. Just as he’s always had the back of our family and our community. If you can stand to have someone as tough and determined to help as my dad, he’s your man.

Eric is a Central Dauphin High School graduate, taxpayer and twice-elected member of the Central Dauphin School Board. He graduated from Willamette University in 1982 with a bachelors degree in Political Science, and later received his teaching certificate from Millersville University. He was also received a masters degree in Humanities from Penn State University at Harrisburg in 1992.

For over 35 years, Eric has been an educator and community advocate. He taught adult education at Tri County OIC, as well as in correctional facilities throughout central Pennsylvania. As a visiting professor of Humanities at Penn State University Harrisburg, he co-authored a college-level history textbook, “The Dictionary of the Holocaust.”

In 2005, after the legislature’s illegal pay raise, Eric co-founded the political watchdog group Rock the Capital (RTC). RTC has been providing political commentary and research on regional and statewide politics. Known for his even-handed, no frills approach, Eric has been featured on numerous political talk shows, PCN and various radio shows. Pick up a copy of the Patriot News or the Paxton Herald and there is a good chance of finding his commentary in the Op-Ed section.

Environmentally conscious policy is a core part of Eric’s community service and legacy. Eric is a founding board member and chairman of the Sustainable Energy Fund, which promotes, researches, and invests in clean and renewable energy technologies. He is also currently president of EFMR Monitoring Group, Inc., a non-profit organization that routinely monitors local radiation levels. More notably, Eric has been Chairman and Spokesperson of Three Mile Island Alert (TMIA), a safe-energy organization, since 1984. Eric and TMIA have worked tirelessly to educate the masses on alternative energy and to hold energy companies like Exelon accountable for their policies. In addition, he has served as Chairman of Stray Winds Area Neighbors, a smart-growth organization based in Lower Paxton Township, since 2006.

Currently, Eric lives in Lower Paxton Township with three cats he adopted from PAWs. He is an active member of the local Jewish community and a proud family man.

Eric is a member of the American Nuclear Society, Central Dauphin High School Alumni, Chisuk Emuna Synagogue, Colonial Crest Association, Concord Coalition, Museum of Jewish Heritage, and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

On November 6th, Eric Epstein is running for the PA State House, District 105. This district includes Lower Paxton, West Hanover and South Hanover. I would like to share a few words in support of Eric.

Eric is a school board member for Central Dauphin School District, Co-founder of the watchdog group: Rock the Capital, President of EFMR Monitoring Group (a non-profit organization that monitors radiation levels and provides educational information), founding board member of the Sustainable Energy Fund of Central PA, Chairman of Three Mile Island Alert and Chairman of Stray Winds Area Neighbors (SWAN) which promotes sensible development in Lower Paxton Township.

I have seen first-hand how Eric is able to listen to different viewpoints, fact check information and evaluate issues. He works effectively on both sides of the aisle, not swayed by political affiliation, but instead by ethical fairness. In public forums, such as state, community and school board meetings, as well as radio and television, he demonstrates thorough knowledge of issues and evaluates options for solutions.

He promotes transparency in government, fiscal responsibly, environmental stewardship and community outreach programs. Eric Epstein would serve us well as a state representative.

Diane L. Little
Retired Elementary Science Teacher, PA Public School System

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    Phone: (717) 635-8615

    Tired of the Status Quo, Sitting in Traffic & Rate Increases?

    Eric Epstein is Running for State Representative to Fight for You

    Citing a resume of political reform, smart land use, and fighting rate increases, Eric Epstein announced today that he is running for State Representative in the 105th legislative district that encompasses Lower Paxton, West Hanover, and South Hanover townships.

    Mr. Epstein said, “I have spent a lifetime fighting corruption, promoting private-public partnerships, and protecting the environment and our community while encouraging smart growth.” Epstein added, “We need a new way of doing business. We need solutions. We cannot afford politicians who spend more time on the golf course than in the state house.”

    “We need to work across party lines to aggressively prevent and prosecute child abuse, create better paying jobs with benefits, improve our schools, and confront the alcohol and opioid epidemics swallowing Pennsylvania.”

    Eric Epstein has almost thirty-five years of experience in advocacy for issues that protect all races, creeds, colors and genders from political corruption, corporate abuse and workplace discrimination. He has earned a reputation as a watchdog with a bite, and an advocate who produces results.

    Mr. Epstein committed to continue his role as a political emergency responder. “A state representative should have an open-door policy and be available for their constituents. I will conduct weekly town hall meetings rotated throughout the district to listen to people’s concerns.”

    “I will not accept a pension, per diem or pay raise. I will reduce my salary to the 1995 level - which is the amount representatives made before they gave themselves an annual pay increase.” Mr. Epstein noted that the 1995 salary is still more than a working-class family made in 2017.

    Epstein will donate his salary overage to charities and organizations focused on preventing child abuse, human trafficking and assisting veterans. All contributions will be publicly posted.

  • Issues

    I will:
    • Hold myself to the highest ethical standards, and remain accountable, open and transparent.
    • Fight for working men and women.
    • Invest education dollars in the classroom.
    • Support police and fire departments to make sure they have what they need to protect the community and themselves.
    • Address traffic issues and secure funding to address commute times, improve safety, and reduce chronic congestion.
    • Be accessible, hold regular town hall meetings, and return your phone calls and emails.
    • Protect taxpayer dollars from waste and abuse.
    I will not:
    • Accept a per diem to pay for my legislative expenses.
    • Vote to increase my pay. I will donate previous raises to charities combating domestic abuse and fighting for veterans.
    • Accept a public pension. I will fight for retirement security for people who work their entire lives and have dedicated themselves to the private or public sector.

    The Debate

    Eric Epstein explains personal income tax to Andrew

    Eric Epstein's health - and how Andrew responds

    The full debate


    Mr. Epstein has been involved with research into decommissioning, decontamination, emergency planning, and nuclear safety at the Peach Bottom, Three MileIsland, and Susquehanna nuclear power plants for 35 years. He has written numerous professional papers, contributed to publications, and provided testimony regarding utility rates, electric power competition, and radioactive waste isolation.

    Mr. Epstein is the Chairman of Three Mile Island Alert , Inc., ( safe-energy organization based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and founded in 1977. TMIA monitors Peach Bottom, Susquehanna, and Three Mile Island nuclear generating stations.

    Mr. Epstein is also the coordinator of Rock the Capital a nonpartisan voter education organization formed after the Pennsylvania legislative, judicial and executive branches conspired to enact a compensation package in violation of a state constitutional provision which bans seated lawmakers from granting themselves a pay raise.

    He is also the Coordinator of the EFMR Monitoring group, a nonpartisan community based organization established in 1992. EFMR ( monitors radiation levels at Peach Bottom and Three Mile Island nuclear generating stations, provides nonjudgmental educational resources, invests in community development, and sponsors remote robotics research.

    Eric Epstein was a founding Board Member of the Sustainable Energy Fund of Central Eastern Pennsylvania ( in 1999. The SEF focuses on sustainable energy companies and projects by obtaining financial leverage and promoting market development.

    Epstein was also a founding Board Member of the Alternative Fuels Council based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The AFC was a public-private partnership of leaders of alternative fuels producers and distributors, public interest advocates, renewable energy, and resource recovery.

    Mr. Epstein is also Chairman of Stray Winds Area Neighbors (, a smart-growth property association.

    Mr. Epstein was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Holocaust Studies at PSU-Harrisburg (1992-1999) and an Academic Coordinator at Tri-County OIC (1990-2002). He co-authored the Dictionary of the Holocaust, which was released by Greenwood Press (1997), and prepared the Appendices for the The Holocaust Chronicle (2000).

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